This piece is a tribute to the moon, mathematics in its most simple expression, and love.
The Latin term « luna », « luc-na », designates the luminosity or brilliance of the moon.
The Greek term « men » designates the function of the moon, which is to measure time. (Cassirer, « Essay on Man »).
The first text evokes the folly that takes hold of the poet at the sight of the moon « hidden behind clouds of pearl » ; this text sung in Italian is interrupted, « incised » by another text spoken or whispered in English that evokes the possible disappearance of the values associated with the moon.
These two texts reflect the contemplation/speculation caused by this luminary.
The metre and the form of the piece follow a mathematically calculated trajectory, echoing the cyclic function of the moon.
The end of this trajectory is organized around a text sung in Italian that enunciates the refusal to count 2+1 as 3 (the three musicians in the piece, for example).
This work is dedicated to «Accroche note», and the coda in particular to lovers.

D. Cohen