Conductor's biography

He conducts out of a desire to establish a relationship between formal
conception, composition and performance of a work ( studies at CNR of Strasbourg, appointed assistant -conductor of the Ensemble Intercontemporain for the 81/82 season) (Classical repertory, romantic repertory and contemporary repertory including fifty "premières".)

Often considered an « authoritarian and intransigent conductor », with a « consummate mastery, an inflexible, though smooth beat, a remarkable analitycal understanding of the scores », he has conducted the following ensembles and orchestras :
The Nouvel Orchestre philharmonique de Radio-France, the Strasbourg philarmonic., The Orchestre philharmonique de Lorraine, The Nice philarmonique orchestra, TheEnsemble Orchestral de Paris, The orchestra and choir of Torinol, The Melbourne symphonu orchestra, (MSO), the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO), the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Helsinki philarmonic Orchestra,the orchestra de laComunidad de Madrid, the Israel philarmonic orchestra, the Stavangersymphonic orchestra (Norway), the Ensemble Intercontemporain,the Ensemble Modern in Francfurt, the orchestra of C.N.S.M. in Paris, the Ensemble Itinéraire, the Ensemble Ars Nova, the Ensemble Nuova Consonanza de Rome, the Ensemble Musique Oblique, the Ensemble Alternance, the Ensemble 2E2M, the Asko Ensemble of Amsterdam, Ensemble Forum of Lyon, the Ensemble Musica Nova of Tel-Aviv, the Elision Ensemble of Melbourne with works of the repertory from Beethoven, Stravinsky, Schönberg, Webern to Amy, Mefano, Petrassi, Zimmermann, Maderna, Stockhausen... and about a hundred « premières » .